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About Us
             Ecosunlite Tek Co.,Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise , the leading  manufacturer of LED horticultural lights and LED          aquarium lights  since 2012, and we have 3years experience for LED Light technology in LED light field . 
             Since the company established , with innovation , we have committed ourselves to providing  you top-quality ,                  more efficient , reliable High-PAR led lights .We make continuos progress in innovation capacity to meet customers'                   needs and keep on researching new technology in order to provide better products for our customers .
Manufacture system is one of our core competitiveness . 
Based on the spirit of being responsible for each product , combined with practical and advanced tools and methods                   through fundamental management and a series of gradual improvement activities , we manufacture the good quality ,               reliable products in   the world . 
The core culture is innovation . Accompanied with concept innovation , strategy innovation , technology innovation and             market innovation , our company will make the best quality products .
We will continues to provide the most advanced and newest innovation to meet the people's demand .

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